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In March and April 2015, I had an assignment for the organisation B-Challenged. In their project ‘Event Hands’ they take young adults who had a history of professional help but still not enough skills in social and work life, to festivals. At the festivals they have to help building the festivals up. In this process they grow in taking responsibility and working together. I trained 7 young adults (age 17-26) to become the assistent of the festival coördinator or a help coach. Which means they can help newcomers to the project ‘Event Hands’ to feel welcome and learn their tasks in building up festivals. They also have to coördinate little groups while doing this. In the training, which was made by B-Challenged itself, a lot of attention went to knowing yourself in dealing with difficulties in tasks and social situations, some knowledge that’s needed during festivals and good communication and leadership skills. It was great to do and both B-Challenged and I were very satisfied with the results, to such a degree that we will meet again in the future when more training is needed.

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