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Last thursday I said goodbye to Buddy Netwerk. The job was done and both Buddy Netwerk and I were really satisfied with the results (see the reference in the ‘about me’ part of this website). Now I’m looking into the future for new assignments. Since March 2015 I’m doing a job for Delta ( This is a really good organisation in Amsterdam with visionary ideas and practices that helps children with disorders like autism and ADHD to keep going to a regular or special school or, if nothing else is possible, to go to school in little groups at Delta. The goal is always to keep them educated and if possible, go to a school. Because they needed someone with experience with teens, they asked me if I could help them. So right now I’m doing an assignment for them by helping a boy to stay at his secondary school. Helping him planning and showing the parents how they can develop and use skills to help him is part of the job.


Besides this, I’m searching for new jobs. I’m busy to create a workshop about identity and life for young adults, which will start after summer. When this becomes a succes, I want to develop a workshop for youth workers too, and workshop about parenting. I’m also having conversations with internal coördinators from primary schools in Amsterdam, who are interested in hiring professionals through Psychitaal, where I am also part of (see the ‘about me’ part on this website). By standing in my strength, being unique and using my qualities and knowledge, I’m sure Helder. will develop more and more in the future.

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