Besides my master’s degree in child studies at the Free University in Amsterdam with a certificate in executing diagnostical research I have experience in after school day care, youth care, and institutions for slightly disabled young adults with behavioral problems. I have a sharp analytical view, I am enthusiastic, involved, communicative, I work hard and I don’t give up. Besides that I quickly adapt to new situations and ways of working. I have a lot of empathy and I connect to all kinds of people and children from all ages easily.


What does this mean for you?

Because of the qualities I mentioned above my strength lies in drawing sharp conclusions about the present care policy and the functioning of a team in your organisation. I can easily see other people’s strengths, possibilities and boundaries. Because of this, I can help you forming good policy and implementing it in your organisation. Do you need a boost in your organisation when it comes to making or executing your care policy? For example because you need certain certificates? Or do you have a school or after school day care organisation that needs help to make or keep good qualitative care policy? Someone like me with my background can help you out. A manager without having any background in child studies or psychology or an employee that already has a lot to do can’t do for you what I can. I can implement a good care policy in such a way that everyone in your organisation can work with it easily. After that I can offer you to come back every week to make sure your organisation is still offering quality to its clients in every way. So don’t hesitate any longer but contact me to see what I can do for you.


Working together

With Helder. I am connected to the organisation Psychitaal. This is an organisation that connects professionals owning a business in the psychological healthcare area  to organisations or individuals that want to hire them. This means you can also ask for my help via the organisation Psychitaal. In this way you are sure about me having all the papers and diploma’s I need to have because Psychitaal screens every professional that is connected with them. Together with Psychitaal we will set up a contract in which the hourly rate and the total amount of hours are specified. Psychitaal deals with requests for hiring a professional quickly and is also in the possession of a procedure which you can use when you have complains about me. Visit for more information (in Dutch).